Revised San Vicente Condos Get Approval from Planning Commission

Previously rejected, Commission gives the green light to the four-story, five-unit condo's new Mediterranean Revival design.

A revised plan for a condominium building on San Vicente Boulevard got the thumbs up from the Planning Commission at its Thursday night meeting.

In November 2009, the Commission approved a four-story, five-unit building at 1019 San Vicente Blvd. (just south of Sunset, across from the hotel) on the condition that the architect redesign the exterior. The Commission felt the boxy modern design was not compatible with the neighborhood.

The building owner appealed that decision to the City Council in April 2011, but the Council agreed with the Commission. The owner returned with a Mediterranean Revival style design Thursday, winning the Commission's approval.

Commissioners felt the style was more harmonious with the surrounding buildings and would fit the area well.

“We find this design compatible with the neighborhood and an acceptable example of infill architecture,” said Commission Chair Alan Bernstein.

The Commission approved it unanimously. The City Council must now give its final approve on the project.

As there are no items on the Commission’s agenda for the next month, the Commission adjourned until April 19 when it will consider the demolition of the building at 8564 Melrose Ave. (at Westmount Drive) for the construction of a two story building.   

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joninla March 08, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Oh come on ... The revised plan's only significant difference is that it is uglier esthetically, and neither fits in better or worse (apart form the superficial unattractive redesign). The same catch phrases "We see the direction of this neighborhood going another direction." They may be familiar as we all are of our neighborhood, but the only direction the building for weho is going is the way of the the big spenders.
Michael Mellgard March 08, 2012 at 11:34 PM
the redesign sucks...this is 2012 not 1980
joninla March 09, 2012 at 06:24 AM
An accurate polite understatement. But not atypical from the process (not pointing to the specific Planning Commissioners in particular) the City uses that results in less desirable outcomes. A lot of time and effort (distracting everyone from the really big projects such as plummer park, the robo garage, carl jr, jons market, the hotels planned for sunset)
joninla March 09, 2012 at 06:32 AM
“We find this design compatible with the neighborhood and an acceptable example of infill architecture,” said Commission Chair Alan Bernstein. REALLY??? Actually - it the same old words said in a closed conference room at night nowhere in sight of any of the projects the 'so called' Planning Commission messes with. There were other 'motivating' factors behind the Developer 'choosing' this less 'sellable' design - and somehome suiting some undisclosed city desire.
Ben Thair April 07, 2012 at 10:58 PM
i vote for the first design. but let's be honest, the building needs to get a lot worse than that faux mediterranean (which would make irving gill roll over in his grave) to "fit in" with the adjacent bldgs ... as is the goal of the commission. So let's get it in gear. Redesign with no relief, no recesses, no details at all actually - just a plain box with flush windows and maybe a bit of pressed grid texture across one side, then top the box with a pitched shingle roof. Done. I'm sure the commission would be superbly impressed.


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