City Council Agenda: El Mirador, Security Cameras in Plummer Park, Campaign Literature

City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. with an agenda that includes finalization of the El Mirador agreement, adding security cameras in Plummer Park and election campaign literature reforms.

The West Hollywood City Council holds a rare Tuesday night meeting due to the Labor Day holiday falling on the regular first-Monday-of-the-month meeting night.

The Council’s agenda is light, at least compared to the giant agendas it has tackled in recent months.

The El Mirador apartment building is back on the agenda, the Council finalizing its decision at the . If approved the development agreement waives approximately $940,000 in developer extraction fees.

Another item on the agenda is the installation of security cameras in Plummer Park due to the increase in crime in the park. Although the Sheriff’s department has increased patrols of the park, the staff report suggests that cameras in the park will add to the sense of security for residents.  

The Council will also consider an ordinance requiring candidates in local municipal elections to submit all campaign literature to the City Clerk who would then post that literature on the city’s website within two business days. If approved, the ordinance would take effect in time for the March 2013 election and would also cover independent committees sending out literature regarding candidates.

The City Council meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber in the

joninla September 04, 2012 at 02:13 PM
The previously titled issue of "Election Reform" now reborn as an obvious attempt to further corrupt our local election process (maybe the strength of the force to get signatures for 'term limits' has prompted this 'fear of losing' tactic of City Hall having pre-access to all competing candidates campaign materials as well as controlling the means of distribution of that information accurately and fairly. With any candidate on the ballot who is running against a current City Hall Incumbent there is such an OBVIOUS 'Conflict of Interest' in regulating, requiring submission rules and distributing fairly all competitors for the incumbent's seat. OUR OWN LOCAL VERSION OF THE SHOCKING 'VOTER ID NEW RULES' TO CONTROL THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTIONS. It may not happen in the lifetime of the incumbents, but I am not even more in favor of a future where there is less overt corruption of our little city (but big deep pockets being stuffed with ever more developers dollars). It is not some small issue - changing the 'Election Process' by those in charge. If they want change, get signatures like the activists are doing to just put term limits on the ballot. (a lot different than the same 5 voting on changing the rules to run). (and just added at the end of the list of a long somewhat controversial agenda - typical ... hide the issues by voting on the big ones last .. after the public has tired out.)
Chloe Ross September 04, 2012 at 08:16 PM
And I take exception to the term "Eastside Task Force" I truly thought that was a law enforcement term used for serial offenders. The Eastside -after 25+ years should not need a "task force". Rith Williams formed ACES in the early 90's and was ignored out of existence. Now suddenly we need a "task force". Perhaps what we really need across the Maginot Line - in the blighted lower east side is our own city government. Failing that our very own group without the input of C. We can take it to them after we decide what is needed, wanted or not wanted.


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