Reader Poll: How Do You Feel About the Fur Ban?

West Hollywood will take a final vote on its first-in-the-nation ordinance banning the sale of clothing with animal fur. Offer your thoughts on the ordinance by taking our poll.

West Hollywood is poised to become the nation’s first fur-free municipality. The ordinance banning the sale of fur apparel citywide is up for one final vote on Nov. 21. If passed, it will take effect Sept. 21, 2013.

Despite a from animal rights group PETA and the confidence of Fur Free Weho advocate , the ordinance is facing strong opposition from the and a possible from the Weho-based Fur Information Council of America. A 3-1 vote to approve a modified version of the ban last week also showed a .

So how do you feel about the city banning the sale of clothing with fur? Take our poll and share your thoughts.

Check out our West Hollywood Fur Ban topic page for full coverage on the issue.

Valerie Labelle November 18, 2011 at 03:31 PM
Fur is natural, durable, recyclable and biodegrable. It's more ecologically friendly than the non-biodegradable synthetic materials out there.. Fur is Green people!! Valerie, L.A.
EthicalOne November 18, 2011 at 07:59 PM
They drown the animal, Stomp / chest compression for undamaged fur and more profit. Some will shoot. But they prefer the inhumane way such as beating with a stick, drowning and stomping,
EthicalOne November 19, 2011 at 04:21 AM
Carl there is no evidence for god. You use a lie made up by people you've never met. This is why Christianity is a bad religion. They treat animal as resource and you use a lie made up by people you have never met to commit speciesism. What did your imaginary god put man for??? Destroying the environment? Man is abusing their dominance over a lie made up by people they have never met thousands of years ago. Valerie fur isn't natural because they use all sort of toxic chemicals to preserve it so it doesn't break down. Processing of Fur We're told that fur is natural, and therefore environmentally friendly. But how can this be so? Surely, in it's natural state - being the pelt of a dead animal - it should decay quite rapidly. The fur industry proved that this is so in extensive tests carried out, but what they failed to mention was that the pelts tested were raw, as opposed to those that are actually used to make garments, which are quite heavily dressed and treated. In dressing furs, caustic chemicals such as formaldehyde and chromium are used, and these are environmental contaminants which the fur industry has been in trouble for, such as in 1991 when two fur processing plants were fined $1.6 million for "total non-compliance with hazardous waste regulations". - Tests carried out for the Ford Motor Company found that the production of wild-caught fur costs over 3.5 times as much as fake fur in energy terms, while farmed fur costs over 15 times as much as fake fur.
EthicalOne November 19, 2011 at 04:22 AM
"...the huge price difference between animal and simulated furs gives a clue as to what type of fur requires the greatest energy input and which type is the largest drain on our resources, and animal furs' prices usually run at least three times simulated furs, and often more. Simulated fur can be manufactured from petrochemicals with far, far less damage to the ecosystem, not to mention the pain and agony inflicted on creatures we are now discovering to have a spirit and feelings at least as deep and sensitive as our own. And a most important point: By what sense of misguided logic do real animal furs become called "renewable resource" and simulated furs become "not renewable?". Petroleum has been deposited on earth from the bodies of plants and animals that lived and died over aeons of time. The fur and feather trade has caused some species to become extinct and pushed others to the brink. Fossil fuels on the other hand are a long way from extinction, but when they do become really scarce we have other alternatives. We can manufacture synthetic fuels and thus polymers from water, CO2, and solar energy. More than that, we will have clean, abundant fusion energy in twenty to fifty years, and we will have our own sun-power here on earth to manufacture synthetic petrochemicals. Totally renewable! But, when animal species are gone, they are gone forever!!!"
Ali November 23, 2011 at 06:44 PM
Actually, quite a few of the retailers here in WeHo sell fur. This ban is ridiculous. They are telling people to go out of our city to go shopping. The Chamber of Commerce is against this ban. Numerous retailers have stated they will leave the City when the ban goes into effect. That means lost revenue for the City and bad press. This was done solely to fulfill a campaign promise. It is not the will of the people.


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