Letter to the Editor: Out with the Old, in with the New

A 28-year resident of West Hollywood shares her concerns about the city's demolition of a historic building.

What is going on in West Hollywood is truly gobsmacking. The city seems to be bent on demolishing the historic and overbuilding the new without thought or respect and very little input from its citizens.

It may not be true, but it always feels as if we are given two minutes to speak at council meetings only because it is required by law. There is always an explanation from our leaders that projects will include low-income and/or senior housing, which is a good thing.

But does it have to be at the expense of us average-income folk, some of whom are teetering on the brink of no income in this economy?  

Is over-building the manner in which the city intends to pay for the $100,000,000 (that's one hundred million dollars folks) cost of the and alone?

This is comparatively a tiny community both in square mileage and in population. It seems that we should be able to take care of all of our citizens—from the homeless all the way up to the well-to-do—and protect and preserve our heritage, if we begin to reuse and refurbish what we already possess.  

Let's save the Fickett Library as a reminder of a simpler, cleaner time. Let's save Great Hall/Long Hall as a reminder of the first Great Depression. We are not, nor will we ever be, a big, slick, sleek, city. We are a 1.9-square-mile suburb with some mixed use.

We could be a model of how a small community can get along with a diverse population if we learn to take care of what we have and spend our money wisely.       

—S.J. Harker, 28-year resident of West Hollywood area and executive assistant to progressive political activist Stanley K. Sheinbaum.

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joninla August 23, 2011 at 11:25 PM
First of all, I've lived in WeHo for 15 or so years with my head in the sand. I only recently looked around and began to question what was going on. I credit the Patch for it ability to really focus so narrowly on West Hollywood issues. I do not participate in any of the meetings - always believing they were ineffective and merely for show. One of the first articles I read here on the Patch quoted John Heilman who said something like "The Residents were given the opportunity to give input, and their input 'WAS RECEIVED'". The perfect word. Absolutely nothing anyone (using their 2 minute time limit) said would go any further than being formally 'received'. Abbe Land has lived next door to me for 15 years or so. I have NEVER ONCE even seen her (I have a dog, and EVERYONE in my 1 block radius knows me and my dog) and is totally out of touch with the problems that are right outside her window. I didn't mean to turn the comments into just 'chatter' .... but the bigger problem keeps prevailing, after just a short period of time reading the articles here on the patch and seeing the repeated UNTRUE, INACCURATE AND CONTRADICTORY STATEMENTS made to justify each project (the Hypocrisy gets to me) My actual "drive" to keep pushing the issues, was the noticeable increase in the number of homeless and the effects of the economy on my neighbors and the local small shops, so many of which have closed. I have no personal desire or agenda.
Akilina Ivanofsky August 25, 2011 at 10:12 AM
"Controller John Chiang, the State's chief fiscal officer, has fought to make finances more transparent and accountable to the public, and to weed out waste, fraud and abuse of public money......" To contact John Chiang: website: http://www.sco.ca.gov/eo_contact.html Postal Mail Sacramento P.O. Box 942850 Sacramento, California 94250-5872 (916) 445-2636 Office (916) 322-4404 FAX Los Angeles 777 South Figueroa Street, Suite 4800 Los Angeles, California 90017 (213) 833-6010 Office (213) 833-6011 FAX
joninla August 25, 2011 at 09:53 PM
... And what was the outcome? Have they given up?
Stephanie August 25, 2011 at 10:40 PM
Dear Jon in LA, I am the author of the original letter to the editor. Could I email you directly?
Stephanie August 27, 2011 at 05:06 AM
Chloe R Give me your email I'll write you directly. S.


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