Saturday's Scoop: Stunt Documentary, Identical Twin Comics

Danish journalist/filmmaker Mads Brugger goes undercover in Central Africa in the stunt documentary, "The Ambassador." Meanwhile identical twin brothers and comics, Jason and Randy Sklar, tell jokes about sports, statistics and more.

Greetings and welcome to City Scoop. Today is Saturday, September 1, the 245th day of 2012. Here’s what’s going on in West Hollywood today.

Stunt Documentary

Sacha Baron Cohen would be proud. Danish journalist and filmmaker Mads Brugger impersonated a European adventurer looking to make it rich in Central Africa, using all sorts of bribes to achieve that purpose. But he secretly recorded those transactions and transformed it into the stunt documentary The Ambassador. The results are hilarious and deeply disturbing at the same time. Here’s your chance to see for yourself as the Silent Movie Theater, 611 Fairfax Ave., offers a week-long run of The Ambassador. Brugger will be on hand for a Q&A following tonight’s 7 p.m. screening.

Sports and Statistics

Jason and Randy Sklar are identical twins with a wicked sense of humor. Avid sports fans, they were responsible for the acclaimed comedy series “Cheap Seats” which ran on ESPN Classic from 2002-2006 and later did regular comedy segments on ESPN’s SportsCenter. They’re also geeks for statistics as proven by their History Channel series “The United Stats of America” where the pair uncovers various statistics and factoids about this nation. The Sklar twins offer their comedic take on sports, statistics and more at the , with shows at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Where would the world be without writers? Writers present ideas and offer perspectives that enlighten, engage and amuse readers. Now its time to ponder those writers through a different medium. The has a new photo exhibit dedicated to writers. “Author Author” features photographs of authors, playwrights and screenwriters as captured by acclaimed photographer Michael Childers. Know for taking photos of movie stars, artist and other iconic luminaries, Childers’ work hangs through October 6.


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