Apples, Grapes and Black Mission Figs Fill Weho Market Stalls

Summer starts to fade as new autumn produce arrives at the market Monday.

While September signals the end of summer and imminent start to a new school year, the signs of seasons changing come in much sweeter forms at the , with the arrival of apples, grapes and delicious Black Mission figs.

“In Southern California, Mission figs arrive at the peak of summer,” said Crown 12 ranch owner Dave Strandberg of the Mediterranean fruit known for its black-purple skin. “The figs are ripe when the skin starts to crack open."

Black Mission figs are named after the Spanish monks who first planted them near San Diego in the early 1700s. There are other varieties of figs grown in California, but the Mission fig is the most popular with market shoppers, said Strandberg, who has been coming to the Weho market for over 25 years.

His Corona orchard, best known for its year-round citrus crop, also grows sweet limes and quince, a fruit similar to apples that is used to make jam, during this time.

The first harvest of Gravenstein, crab-like apples, as well as fresh-picked grapes were available at the  stall at Monay's market.

Two varieties stood out—the blackish-purple Kyoho, which has large seeds and a juicy sweet finish, and the sweet seedless Red Flame grapes, which are medium-sized with a red-orange tinge. Both are perfect for nibbling and tucking into a school lunch bag.

The West Hollywood Farmers' Market is held every Monday (rain or shine) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at , 1200 N. Vista St.


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