Weho City Council Names Commission Appointees

Council announces 38 appointments to the city's Planning, Transportation, Human Services, Public Facilities and General Plan Advisory commissions.

The City Council named their direct appointees to each of the city’s nine commissions earlier this week.

Councilman John Heilman chose to wait on naming most of his appointees, only officially reappointing two people. Heilman’s previous appointees will continue on a month-by-month basis until he either reappoints them or names someone else.

Newly elected Councilman John D’Amico had already named six of his appointees. All of his appointees are included on the list below. 

The council held off on voting for the at-large members of each commission, saying they wanted to see how the direct appointments shaped up first. The previous at-large members will continue until the council votes.

Each commissioner serves for a two-year term beginning on June 1. 

Below is a list of each councilmembers’ direct appointees. People new to the commissions are designated with a star beside their name.

Mayor John Duran

Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission – Dallas Dishman

Business License Commission – appointee not yet named

Historic Preservation Commission – Bruce Kaye

Human Services Commission – Brian Pendleton*

Planning Commission – Roy Huebner*

Public Facilities Commission – Keith Anthony*

Public Safety Commission – Desiree Sol*

Rent Stabilization Commission – Gail Sanes

Transportation Commission – Leon Shparaga*

* = new to commission

Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang

Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission – appointee not yet named

Business License Commission – Jim Kazakos

Historic Preservation Commission – Brad Torgan

Human Services Commission – Heidi Schink*

Planning Commission – Donald DeLuccio

Public Facilities Commission – Steven Golightly

Public Safety Commission – Sofia Komskaya

Rent Stabilization Commission – Charles Henry

Transportation Commission – Steven Greene 

* = new to commission

Councilman John D’Amico

Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission – Yelena Zhelezov*

Business License Commission – Joe Clapsaddle*

Historic Preservation Commission – Craig Charles*

Human Services Commission – Steven Davis*

Planning Commission – Lauren Meister*

Public Facilities Commission – Richard Maggio*

Public Safety Commission – Marcy Norton*

Rent Stabilization Commission – Eric Thompson*

Transportation Commission – David Warren*

* = new to commission

Councilwoman Abbe Land

Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission – Beverly Denenberg

Business License Commission – Pat Rogers

Historic Preservation Commission – Edward Levin

Human Services Commission – Ruth Cislowski

Planning Commission – Marc Yeber

Public Facilities Commission – Elena Goldenberg

Public Safety Commission – Norma Kemper

Rent Stabilization Commission – Agassi Topchian

Transportation Commission – Steve Wayland

Councilman John Heilman

Historic Preservation Commission – Paul Rice

Rent Stabilization Commission – David Gregoire

Paul May 21, 2011 at 07:30 PM
I our new council member! The rest are crap!


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