Weho Joins Effort to Recruit Women into Government

The City Council votes to support a statewide project to encourage more women to serve on boards and commissions.

The City Council has unanimously approved West Hollywood's co-sponsorship of the California Women's State Appointment Project,  a nonpartisan effort to encourage women to apply for appointments to boards and commissions or as part of the new gubernatorial administration to be elected in November.

The goal of the California Women's State Appointment Project is to ensure that boards and commissions reflect the rich diversity of women throughout California, the city said in an announcement Friday. 

"A woman's voice, in all aspects of government, really does make a difference," West Hollywood Councilwoman Abbe Land said in a statement. "An appointment to a board or commission allows women to utilize their expertise and make a real difference in public policy that impacts all of our everyday lives."

Land says an appointment to a board or a commission is a stepping-stone to making policy and can create a path to elected office. 

Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath shares her colleague's enthusiasm for the project. "Support for this empowering new initiative demonstrates the values West Hollywood works to achieve—equality, respect and support for people; idealism, creativity and innovation; and making sure that communities are accurately represented," Horvath said in a statement.

"I know the California Women's State Appointment Project will help women across our state get connected and make a difference through invaluable public service opportunities," Horvath said.  

West Hollywood prides itself on its legacy of advocating for women's rights and full equality. Early in the city's history the Women's Advisory Board was created to advocate on behalf of women's rights and to provide programming addressing women's concerns. The city also launched the Women's Leadership Conference to increase the number of women serving on city boards and commissions and to provide leadership support.

The California Women's State Appointment Project has brought together women's organizations to assemble a pool of outstanding candidates.

"As a supporter of this project, the city of West Hollywood will reach out to engage women to serve through partnerships with organizations," the city said in its announcement.

California Women Lead, the National Women's Political Caucus of California, the California Commission on the Status of Women, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE), Leadership California and Black Women Organized for Political Action are some of the groups involved in the state project.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Land's and Horvath's office at (323) 848-6460.  

interesting character September 12, 2010 at 04:35 PM
great initiative!
Stephen Martin October 10, 2010 at 06:45 PM
Land and Horvath support women in office big suprise!!! We need more women on City Council like Land and Horvath so that the views of the oppressed minorities, such as well heeled developers and high paid land use consultants and attorneys, have a voice at City Hall. Without Abbe Land, these voices might be overwhelmed by the NIMBY opinions of those pesky residents. Steve Martin


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