Transparency Needed at City Hall, Challengers Say

City Council candidates Mito Aviles and Lucas John call for more access and accountability among Weho officials as they meet voters at the boutique PAR LA.

With two weeks before the March 8 elections, candidates for West Hollywood City Council spent the long Presidents Day weekend talking to voters about the issues.

Many candidates were busy walking neighborhoods. John D’Amico was going door to door talking with residents. Steve Martin was also busy knocking on doors, chatting with those who would listen about the issues. Scott Schmidt had a passel of volunteers helping him canvas neighborhoods putting up door hangers while he discussed the issues with residents. Incumbents , Lindsey Horvath and also made the rounds through the various precincts.

Candidates Mito Aviles and Lucas John held a joint meet and greet on Sunday afternoon at PAR LA, a month-old clothing boutique at 8250 Santa Monica Blvd. next door to . They chatted with people in the store and passing on the sidewalk about the importance of this election.

“I want to bring transparency and accountability back to ,” said Aviles. “So much of what happens in City Hall seems to be veiled in secrecy. That’s not how it should be.”

Aviles added that public officials should be readily available to their constituents. “City Hall officials should have an open door policy. When I’m elected, I’ll be happy to meet with anyone.”

John agreed, saying he’d also have an open door policy. He’s delighted to be chatting with residents, he said, listening to what’s on their minds. “Hearing what the voters have to say is so important,” he said. “Public officials can’t know what the residents want if they don’t make themselves available to them.”

John said his campaign is going well. “Mito and I are both doing a grass-roots campaign. We’re working on the campaign from the ground up, not the checkbook down,” John said. “We’re here to promote democracy.”

The meet and greet also saw two store window displays, one for Aviles, one for John, unveiled. Both draped with patriotic red, white and blue fringe and featuring mannequins with smiley faces, the two windows were created by Chad Michael Morrisette, a professional window-display designer and the boyfriend of Aviles.

PAR LA owner Patrick DiLascia said the displays will stay in his store windows until the election. “People need to get out and vote,” DiLascia said. “Anything I can do to help remind them of that, I’m happy to do.”

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Bob March 05, 2011 at 11:38 PM
With a person like "Me" you just flush the toilet 3 times. I would like a City Card however. I would like to buy a bunch of bun boys like one of the councilman does and have a party at the blue whale. Then when Sheriff's Vice bust me I can tell them that I am a councilman.
Bob March 05, 2011 at 11:42 PM
Your Just all mad at me because I told on the city of west hollywood because they have been using their tax payer dollars to fix up the exteriors of the temple on crescent heights and a nearby Church.. I also pointed out that "Friends" of anti tall billboards was really CBS outdoor. Since I pointed this out WeHo has changed their website infor from Friends to CBS outdoor like it should be. Anytime you hear the word "Friends" watch out.
me March 05, 2011 at 11:56 PM
well now how did i know that you'd have more to say????.....again, yur no makin sense.....if true, why would we be mad at you for exposing corruption at city hall when we want all 3 voted out??? plus, i thought you run a business in west hollywood?????....when DO you find the time to work AND post??? as for the last line of yur post, thats why u aint got any!
Bob March 06, 2011 at 02:27 AM
I am in the business of selling dildos to people like yourself.
Bob March 06, 2011 at 06:30 PM
So are you a Grammar Nazi? How Wussie is that? It's good that you know what a Bum Boy is and how to spell it correctly lol. I do not want to end up dead hanging upside down naked at the hands of a drugged out pyschotic loser with a cucumber sticking out of different parts of my body. That is the life of somebody who can spell Bum Boy correctly. One of the WeHo 3 got busted and then let having a big Gay City Party at the Blue Whale where he ordered up Bum Boys. The Sheriff Vice caught them and then relased them all because they keep the money flowing to west hollywood station. Instead of trashing my spelling you should wonder how could I know some of this stuff that goes on in weho. That is what a smarter Spelling Nazi would wonder. I have forgot to spell more words that you have ever learned. I just don't care.


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