PAC Supports Weho Term Limits Initiative

CA Term Limits PAC is deploying paid signature gatherers in West Hollywood to help ensure that residents can vote on City Council term limits in March 2012.

The following is a press release from CA Term Limits PAC.

Last month a group of grassroots activists and community activists in the city of West Hollywood filed an initiative to place the issue of term limits for their City Council on the March ballot in 2013. This initiative would limit Council Members to three four-year terms and then impose a lifetime ban on future service.

While there is a strong effort locally to gather the necessary signatures to qualify this measure, at the request of leadership of this local term limits movement, California Term Limits PAC has endorsed this effort and to assist materially to get this matter before the local voters.

CA Term Limits PAC has made a significant investment to deploy paid signature gatherers in the city of West Hollywood to augment the work being done by local volunteers, and help to ensure that the voters of the city will be able to vote on term limits for their city council this coming March.

“A primary goal of the California Term Limits PAC is to assist with local efforts to qualify and pass term limits at the local government level all around the state,” said Jon Fleischman, President of California Term Limits. ”West Hollywood is a classic example of where you have a small group of city insiders who have been serving on the council, in most cases, for decades. Term limits ensure citizen representatives instead of career politicians, and West Hollywood is a city that definitely needs them.”

“Ours is a quintessential grassroots effort made up of citizen volunteers committed to gathering enough signatures to put term limits on the March ballot here in West Hollywood,” said Sheila Lightfoot, a local leader in the WeHo term limits effort. “We think that after a period of time, elected officials should return to private life and others should have the opportunity to serve. We are so pleased that California Term Limits PAC has endorsed our initiative and is helping us by augmenting our efforts to gather registered voter signatures on our petitions in this final stretch toward our goal.”

“We’re grateful for the support of California Term Limits to help us qualify our initiative for the ballot in West Hollywood,” added another WeHo local term limits leader, Scott Schmidt. “Their support is a vote of confidence in our volunteer effort. California Term Limits understands that whether it is in West Hollywood or Sacramento, elected officials need an expiration date, or else they lose their focus and ambition and become too cozy with donors and lobbyists.”

“We already have deployed paid signature gatherers in West Hollywood who have already gathered hundreds of signatures and will collect many more in our efforts to assist local term limits activists in reaching their goal,” added Fleischman. A total of 2350 valid signatures of registered West Hollywood voters must be turned into the City Clerk by September 26, 2012. To ensure that enough valid signatures are turned in, it is the intention of the local West Hollywood Term Limits Committee to exceed that number by a significant amount.

If you are interested in helping with the grassroots effort to qualify term limits in West Hollywood, you can get involved by going to their website here: www.WeHoTermLimits.com. You can find out more about California Term Limits at www.CATermLimits org.

scott ferguson September 19, 2012 at 01:05 AM
From Calitics, a progressive CA blog, about Jon Fleischman and his threats to judges who overruled Prop 8 - yes, this is the SAME Jon Fleischman called in to save the term limits signature effort: Threatening the judiciary threatens the foundations of democracy by: Brian Leubitz Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 14:52:12 PM PST This appeared in today's edition of Capitol Weekly. As we approach the decision on Prop 8, it is important that we remember the critical role of the judiciary. Back on Nov.12, Capitol Weekly published an opinion by the Flash Report's Jon Fleischman entitled "When considering Proposition 8, remember Rose Bird." His populist threat against a branch of government that is very intentionally designed to be counter-majoritarian deserves admiration for its moxie, if not its intellectual rigor. Mr. Fleischman's threat would be of little concern if it had been directed to the Governor or to a member of the Legislature. After all, the executive and legislative branches are supposed to be reflective of popular will. They are supposed to consider the will of their constituents when they make decisions. But by threatening judges, Mr. Fleischman attacks the important counter-majoritarian role that the judicial branch serves in our government. In so doing, he has attacked the foundations of our democracy and its delicately balanced separation of powers. People, wake up - you are figuratively lying down with the devil.
Jon Ponder September 19, 2012 at 01:39 AM
Ms. Lightfoot, you say you sought out funding from California Term Limits PAC. Has anyone in your organization checked to see if the PAC is funded by companies, corporate interest groups, organizations or individuals who do business with the city or who might have some other conflict of interest?
scott ferguson September 19, 2012 at 01:45 AM
This is extremely important. Right wing PACs like this often get funding from the Koch brothers and similar. I don't know if they have. But any WeHo political group with an ounce of sense would make damn sure their benefactors didn't include people who are the enemies of progressive causes. So yes, Jon, your question is crucial - where do they get their money? They must have a lot to be spending it in a small city's very parochial referendum.
scott ferguson September 19, 2012 at 01:50 AM
From CAfortermlimits website: Thank you for you interest in making a donation to California Term Limits. We are non-profit C4 corporation — donations to our organization are NOT tax-deductible. It is our practice, because of the number of politicians who dislike the mission of our organization, to keep the identity of our donors, large and small, confidential
scott ferguson September 19, 2012 at 01:52 AM
So they keep their donors secret. We do know that its head (who knows how many other people are actually involved) is a leading Orange Country Republican activist who would oppose virtually every progressive decision our city council makes, even those that nearly all of us would support. Very shady.


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