Got Business in City Hall on a Friday? Call to Make Sure It's Open

City Hall will be closed or offer very limited services for most Fridays through the end of the year, with Dec. 9 and 23 being the only exceptions.

Residents wanting to do business in on a Friday will have limited opportunities to do so between now and the end of the year.

Thanks to an unusual occurrence of the calendar, most City Hall employees will have seven out of the nine Fridays in November and December off.

City Hall operates under a “Modified Friday” schedule every other week of the year, which results in most City Hall employees having those Fridays off. On Modified Fridays, only the parking permits and cashier counters in the first-floor lobby are open. On non-Modified Fridays, City Hall offers full services with all departments open.

Dec. 9 and 23 are the only Fridays until the end of the year that City Hall will offer full services, according to Christof Schroeder, City Hall’s legal services manager.

If all this sounds confusing, it’s best to call ahead if you want to do any business in City Hall on a Friday.

Here’s a breakdown of the Friday closings:

Friday, Nov. 25 – Closed for Thanksgiving.

Friday, Dec. 2 – Modified Friday.

Friday, Dec. 9 – All City Hall departments open.

Friday, Dec. 16 – Modified Friday.

Friday, Dec. 23 – All City Hall departments open.

Friday, Dec. 30 – Modified Friday.

Even though City Hall will officially be open and offering full services on Friday, Dec. 23, there will likely only be a skeletal staff working that day. The city does not recognize Christmas or any religious holiday, but employees are given five “floating holidays” each year to use as they want. Many employees take time around Christmas off as one of their floating holidays or vacation time.

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joninla May 20, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Every other Friday off. Sounds like a pretty sweet job, in addition to city salaries being twice or more than those of the same position in the city of LA. But of course it's not all roses and perhaps the need to pay extraordinarly high salaries just to get anyone willng to take a high paying, every other friday off job that makes the employees park a block away and hoof it from kings road all the way to sweetzer. The city ought to do something for these difficult to fill positions at any salary if they have to walk a block to their car. I mean .... No matter how much it costs, the city should devote major city assets and annual budget expenditures to stop the attrocity of making city hall office employees have to walk a block to get to their cars. Seriously! There must be a few city employees who can walk to work in less time than the distance to the kings road parking garage ... And this being LA they have to drive their cars to the city hall lot at kings road and walk back lest the become the victims of an innacurate belief they do not have a high end late model luxury car and therefore part of the appropriate social class as the other employees.


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