Feinstein: Bills to Ban Assault Weapons Will Be a Priority

The California senator tells “Meet the Press” that bills will be introduced on the first day Congress returns.

Bills to return a ban on assault weapons in the United States will be introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives on the first day they are in session next month, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) vowed on national television Sunday.

“We’ve tried to take my bill from ’94 to 2004 and perfect it,” she said on NBC's Meet The Press.

Feinstein authored a federal ban on assault weapons in 1994 that Congress allowed to expire during the George W. Bush administration.

On the NBC Sunday morning news program, Feinstein agreed with gun control proponent Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York who said he wants "weapons of war off the streets of our cities."

Feinstein said her lawyers have carefully crafted a constitutional bill that will "exempt over 900 specific weapons that will not ... fall under the bill."

She said her 1994 assault rifle legislation was never challenged in court by the National Rifle Association.

"Back in ’93, when I told Joe Biden who was chairman of the Judiciary Committee that I was going to move this as an amendment on the Crime Bill, he laughed at me," Feinstein said.

"He said, 'you're new here. Wait 'til you learn," she recalled. "And we got it through the Senate, we got it through the House, the White House came alive and ... the bill was passed."

The NRA has declined to comment on gun issues since Friday’s slaying of 20 grade school children and seven adults in Connecticut.

Police have said the children were shot multiple times in rapid succession, but have not said if the murder weapons had been in automatic mode—illegal under current laws—or semi-automatic mode, which is possibly illegal under the 1994 law.

Feinstein, who just won her fourth Senate election, was propelled to the forefront of California politics when she suddenly became mayor of San Francisco when two politicians were murdered there in 1978. She has been a leading voice for gun control since then.

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JESS Kalinowsky Registered Voter December 19, 2012 at 08:55 PM
EVERY Citizen in the USA should write letters to City|State|Federal Legislators to ban any kind of automatic weapons across America.
Insider December 20, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Every citizen in the USA should understand the Constitution, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Hughes Amendment of 1986, before asking to ban something covered by existing legislation.


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