Council Confirms Approval of Orlando Ave. Condo Project

WeHo council members proceed with overturning Planning Commission's denial of the conversion from apartments to condos.

The West Hollywood City Council unanimously affirmed Monday its decision to allow condominiums rather than apartments for an Orlando Avenue development project.

The building is a three-story, four-unit structure that replaced a single-family home, a city staff report states.

A company called Development and Management Solutions owns the property and Camille Zeitouny, owner of Zeitouny Construction in Rowland Heights, is the project applicant, documents show.

In June the council overturned a Planning Commission rejection of condos on the property located at 500 N. Orlando Ave.

Planning commissioners rejected the project in February because the property owner initially applied for approval of an apartment project, not condos which require a more rigorous application process.

As Patch previously reported, the commission found a loophole in the zoning code to justify the denial.

In 2007 when the approval application was filed the property was zoned for three stories. But since the adoption of the city’s new General Plan, the lot is now only zoned for two stories. The commission based its rejection on the claim that the project’s construction permits for a three-story building would not be good on a lot zoned for two stories.

The council voted in favor of the applicant's appeal on the grounds that state law prevents a city from compelling a property owner to rent apartments rather than sell condos.

The city staff report notes that the city's goal is to encourage multifamily residential housing and upgrade West Hollywood's aging buildings and infrastructure.

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Ali December 08, 2012 at 02:31 AM
"The city staff report notes that the city's goal is to encourage multifamily residential housing and upgrade West Hollywood's aging buildings and infrastructure." If I am reading that right, that is the first time I've seen, in writing, admission that the city wants to "upgrade", or replace the older residential buildings in the city.
joninla December 08, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I have followed this case from the beginning (by hapenstance) and the amount of time and money wasted by the Planning Commission on endless meetings that were improper and merely a means to try to find some way to reject this project. There isn't and hasn't been any reason (legal or logical) for the delays. Although I known nothing about the property owner/developer, the delays lasting year(s) cost the property owner a lot of money and set a precedent (or confirmed what is already known) that any attempt to develop any small, reasonable, appropriate and neighborhood improving project will end up being so much effort, time and extra cost that it is not worth investing in West Hollywood small development/redevelopment. Compared to the two MEGA Redevelopment projects on La Brea that is and will have enormous impact, which didn't even have to go through public notices and planning commission meetings ..... It fact the details have been closely held back from the community and swept through to construction post haste. What's the deal? Pay offs to the city council to build giant.
Gary December 12, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Now you know
Samantha Powers Jolt December 24, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Weez need more rich peeps fools. How is they going to pay off all those big azz houses for the rich gay lez tranny NGO directors you commies? Get a grip and dig deep! FORWARD


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