Candidate Q&A: Nick Garzilli

The solar-energy entrepreneur discusses his positioning on transportation, housing and the Federal Reserve.

With the March 5 election fast approaching, candidates for West Hollywood City Council shared their thoughts with Patch on the election and issues affecting the community.

West Hollywood Patch: What personal characteristics and experiences set you apart from the other candidates?

Nick Garzilli: My worldview sets me apart. I am awake. I am the only candidate not afraid to speak up about what is really going on in this world. A global banking cartel has gained control of our government through the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that is not acting in the best interest of the citizens of the United States of America. This unchecked stream of endless fiat money has corrupted and enabled our politicians to foolishly feed an out of control military, banking, security, prison, energy, transportation, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industrial complex. It is time we all wake up and take our destiny back from a corrupt global elite that has shown a complete lack of value for human life.

For the last two years I have been trying to get government permission for ET3 and JPods, two companies that have patented technologies that can solve our traffic and energy problems, to be able to build privately financed ultra-green transport networks above our roadways. I have come to the realization that the politicians will not act until the public is aware that these technologies are here to save us. I’m done begging politicians. I’m taking it straight to the people and waking them up. West Hollywood residents can vote for the legalization of transport innovation on March 5.

Patch: How would those characteristics and experiences define your term on the city council?

Garzilli: As a city council member I will speak up and do my best to bring attention to the out of control power structures that are enslaving and poisoning humanity. For example, I will be a loud voice against the geo-engineering aerosol spraying program that is taking place in our skies, as best seen in the documentary What In The World Are They Spraying. I will be a loud voice against GMOs and push for GMO labeling in Weho. I will speak out against the drone bombing campaign and “kill list” that our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president is carrying out in countries like Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Pakistan, which has killed thousands of innocent children and civilians but whose names are not read before West Hollywood City Council meetings. I will push for the U.S. government to release suppressed energy technology, as best seen in the excellent film Thrive, so we can begin to transition to a world of abundance away from scarcity.

As a council member the first thing I will do is introduce the regulatory framework and performance standards needed for private capital to flow to these environmentally and economically sustainable Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) projects. My burning desire is to solve L.A.’s traffic problem with disruptive new technologies. If you hate traffic and pollution, I am your candidate.

Patch: In your interactions with West Hollywood voters during the campaign, what were the top three issues they were most interested in?

Garzillli: 1. Traffic. 2. Parking. 3. Development.

Patch: When you look around West Hollywood, which project, development or ordinance approved by previous city councils would you like to see undone, reversed or changed in some way?

Garzilli: I think rent control is leading to unhealthy living conditions and the rotting of our housing stock. Something has to be done to create a win-win for landlords, renters, the community, and the city so places don’t fall into disrepair and blight.

I propose a city-organized crowd-sourcing program similar to Kickstarter where renters, landlords and the community are encouraged to work together on projects to fix up old apartment buildings. The city would contribute a significant percentage, but the money is only released when the funding goal is complete, which leads to motivated renters, landlords and community to raise and contribute the money. I would start with small projects in the $500-$10,000 range, and if successful expand it to bigger buildings. This idea is outlined in my West Hollywood Patch blog titled “Weho Landlords Vs. Tenants and Rehabbing Old Apartments” and is also on my website at NickGarzilli.com.

Patch: If you weren't running for city council, which one of the other candidates would be your first choice?

Garzilli: I have a high level of respect for all the candidates. I believe that all of them do care deeply about West Hollywood and there are some great ideas being talked in the campaign. Obviously, Prang and Duran know how to play the game. Steve Martin wrote Measure C, which I support and contributed to, and his articles have been very valuable to me in learning all about Weho politics. Sam Borelli is a really nice guy, although I think he needs to learn more about the “mirco units” as outlined in the U.N. Agenda 21 zoning and land use guidelines that city planners have unwittingly followed. Chris Landavazo has a strong ambition to clean up the streets. I may not always agree with Tom Demille, like when he called for getting rid of the 2nd amendment, but I greatly admire how he always speaks his mind loud and clear for the betterment of Weho. Rusty Wiggs is a nice guy with a big heart who does great work in helping people in his profession. I really like Tristan Schukraft’s idea of the civic engagement app that will increase residents' access to City Hall. If I were not running I would probably choose Tristan because he is the biggest outsider, no baggage or ties to special interest. And his focus is on using technology to solve our problems, which is what I am all about.

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George February 26, 2013 at 06:08 PM
He sure is handsome!


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