Police Seal Off Part of Hollywood in Hunt for Sexual Assault Suspect

Officers found the suspect at 5 a.m. within the perimeter.

Police sealed off a part of Hollywood for 3 1/2 hours this morning. Patch file photo.
Police sealed off a part of Hollywood for 3 1/2 hours this morning. Patch file photo.

Police officers in Hollywood sealed off an area for 3 1/2 hours this morning until they caught a sexual assault suspect, a sergeant said.

The incident began with a report of a sexual assault at 1:25 a.m. near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, said Sgt. L. Hoffman of the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Station.

"When officers arrived the suspect was not at the location so a perimeter was established," Hoffman said. Officers sealed off the area between Hollywood Boulevard and Franklin Avenue and Highland and Las Palmas avenues, she said.

Officers found the suspect at 5 a.m. within the perimeter and he was taken into custody, Hoffman said. The investigation continued.

--City News Service

emma July 06, 2014 at 03:31 PM
Helicopters overhead all night for hours.. lights flashing in our windows. Another saturday night in Hollywood. It's like a war zone. Bring on higher density , bring in the skyscrapers, more nightclubs, mega developments and compounds lining out residential streets..That's just what we need..And the Mayor brags about crime not being this low since 1949. Which leads one to believe his crime 'data' is 'fatally flawed' (Judge Goodman's words) as his population data was 'fatally flawed ' and 'wishful thinking' (Judge Goodman), in his illegal Hollywood Community Plan, that was not going to 'accommodate population growth', since the population stats were all lies, but 'encourage population growth' which Judge Goodman threw out and ruled in favor of three law suits against it. Where do these crime stats come from? Because we who live in Hollywood are fully aware they are 'wishful thinking' and definitely 'fatally flawed' as we live with on going shootouts and knifings on a regular basis, many nightclub related, the nightclubs he encouraged the proliferation of, in his version of a 'revitalized Hollywood', oh...and rapes. After your ten years as CD 13 councilman and president of city council, Hollywood and Hollywood Blvd. are dangerous and a total mess. Hollywood Blvd., on the national historic register was neglected and left to rot, the easier to claim buildings (like the beautiful Warner Pacific Theatre) have so fallen into disrepair (under your leaderhsip of the area), they are not worth saving, so tear it all down, tear down all of Hollywood's history, and build ugly generic steel and glass skyscrapers. Great planning for Hollywood, demoing whatever history that survives.. as if tourists want to come to Hollywood to see generic town, USA. Hollywood is fast becoming a bad amusement park version of NYC Times Square, with only the bad parts, and without any good..cheap dirty looking shot bars, boardwalk type low class bars, the place to come to party (sometimes on party buses) do drugs, get drunk, get in fights, some tragically ending in shootouts and fatalities. No good aspects whatsoever such as Broadway Theatres, elegant supper clubs, elegant piano bars, performing arts, and culture. And now, they will probably allow developer to tear down a beautiful landmark theatre, stretching from Wilcox to Cahuenga, that could be made into a live, legit theater as The Pantages was, on national historic register Hollywood Blvd., that could have been reused to add some culture to the Blvd., The Pacific Warner Theatre, an L.A. Cultural Resource Monument. It's breathtaking how Garcetti and O'Farrell are destroying Hollywood for developers who are funding their political careers.
Scott Zwartz July 06, 2014 at 05:18 PM
And, the glue which makes the destruction of Hollywood possible is a continual and unlawful voting pact among city councilmembers in violation of Penal Code 86. Penal Code 86 forbids city councilmembers from vote trading and from engaging in voting agreements. However, LA City Council has a voting pact where the councilmembers will phrase their motions for a YES Vote and they have an agreement that they have to VOTE YES. The vote tabulator automatically votes YES even if they have left Council Chambers. Watch Channel 35 and you'll see maybe 4 or five councilmembers sitting at their desks; yet 11, 12, 13 votes will come in all YES. The Voting Pact means a councilmember may NOT vote against another councilmember's motion. As a result over 99.9% of the council votes are unanimous -- that statistic alone is proof that there is a agreed upon voting pact. One cannot have UNANIMOUS VOTES over 99.9% of the time, if councilmembers were exercising their independent judgment as the law requires. That is why the vote for Garcetti's corrupt Hywd Community Plan was passed UNANIMOUSLY even though the City Atty advised against passing the Plan. That is why each Hywd Project is approved UNANIMOUSLY even though there not adequate infrastructure. No councilmember cares about the Truth or Facts, or what is good for residents. Even people who pretend that they care about Hollywood will tell the Court that it would be reasonable for Hollywood to add over 200,000 people in the next 16 years when the City itself said Hywd would only add 52,000 people. In other words, while pretending to be protecting Hollywood from excessive development, these turn coats tell the court that we can handled FOUR (4) additional Millennium Projects along with everything else Garcetti wants to jam into Hywd. There is no end to the sycophants and sell outs who will say or do anything to grab a few more tax dollars for themselves.
William Bergmann July 07, 2014 at 12:11 PM
I am pro-development but the city should first prove they can handle what is here now, then go for more.
William Bergmann July 07, 2014 at 12:09 PM
This is what success breeds. 20 years ago the corner was a wasteland, now it is packed with tourists and tour busses and seems as though the city did not expect the redevelopment to work. No place to park tour busses but they keep adding them. No planning to speak of at all. The corner of Highland and Franklin remains a civic disgrace. The 1st National building at Hollywood and Highland looks like it was moved from Detroit! Where is any leadership with this mess????


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