Housekeeper Surprises Burglar

Family was away on vacation when housekeeper confronted the intruder.

A housekeeper confronted and scared away an intruder early Friday morning, according to an email from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore wrote that around 4 a.m., the suspect entered a home on the 800 block of Paseo Miramar. The owner and family were away on vacation, but the housekeeper was there and surprised the suspect, who was dressed all in black.

Residents in the area reported seeing a helicoptor hovering over the area and contacted Patch to find out what was happening.

According to Moore, the suspect may have had a taser - the housekeeper reported seeing sparks. He fled without stealing anything or harming the housekeeper.

The names of the owners and the housekeeper were not released.


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