West Hollywood Kicks off Anti-Door Spam Campaign

City initiates program to reduce door spam" such as restaurant menus and other unsolicited advertisements.

Are you tired of unwanted advertisements left on your front door?

The West Hollywood Municipal Code Section 5.124.060 prohibits distributing advertising materials on private property. Unfortunately, unsolicited advertising materials continue to get left at residential doors, front porches and door knobs, leading to neighborhood litter and sidewalk trash.

To reduce the amount of annoying advertising left on residents' properties, the City of West Hollywood has created a “Stop Door Spam” campaign. 

If you’re like me, you too hate arriving home with your hands full, only to find that you have to dig your way through the marinade of advertisements—either shoved in the door jam, under the door, wrapped round the doorknob, or secured to your mailbox with a rubber band just to get to the lock on the door. And it's never fun having to run around and pick up all those that fluttered to the floor.

Over the years, my office has received several similar complaints. So when the City of Long Beach launched a program that proved successful to help curtail door spam, I jumped to create one here in West Hollywood.   

The Stop Door Spam campaign is a two-part program. The first portion provides residents with bilingual English and Spanish placards created by the City to be placed on front doors or signs to affix to your gate or fence to alert advertisers that litter is not welcome on the property.

Second, residents can download “Dear Advertiser” letters from the City’s website to send to offending businesses that explain the resident is displeased with the advertisements left on their property and that they wish the offenders to stop. The letter also explains the benefits of a litter-free city and advises the advertiser to proactively participate in litter abatement efforts.

If the unwanted advertisements continue, the resident also has the choice to report repeat offenders to the City through the website, www.weho.org/stopdoorspam

For more information regarding the Stop Door Spam campaign, please contact the Office of Mayor Pro Tem Prang at 323-848-6460. 

To request a Stop Door Spam placard or to report a repeat door spam offender, visit www.weho.org/stopdoorspam or call 323-848-6344.

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Manny March 10, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Much thanks to Jeffrey Prang for his dedication to quality of life issues. We all have much to say when it comes to politics and land use. But things that inconvience and disturb us in our daily lives are just as important as EIRs, traffic studies and election reform. In fact, these quality of lfe issues affect us directly, immidiately and daily. I hope Jeff continues his focus on quality of lfe issues and also considers tough enforcement of problems such as residential permit parking abuse, abandoned properties and trash bins, hedges obstructinng the right of way and other compliance abuses that can impact us individually and daily. It's all very relevent.
Lynn Russell March 11, 2012 at 05:56 AM
What is relevant? Relevance should be actually thinking things through, getting real input from the community and possibly creating a program that is enforceable. As it is with several high minded laws on the books, WH would require a small army to enforce them. The leaf blower law, fur free WH, and now anti-door spam tags lack seriousity or reasonable implementation. This amounts to a silly, look-good busy work and shows faulty logic. Here's a real quality of life issue...unfolding again as I write....at the corner of Fountain and Crescent Heights with IAJF sponsored Party Madness that continues past 3:30 in the morning and promises to continue 24/7 to annoy and disrupt the daily lives of the neighbors perhaps for another 8 years. Mr. Prang, you voted to allow the unbridled mayhem to continue because you didn't think you shoud be a referee for the community. WHAT? You are presumably a council member and soon to be our Mayor....now would that include enforcing the laws that already stand? There are many big picture issues that threaten our entire community...that is....the community that actually lives here, votes and makes your job possible. Would that be a fair step in the right direction?
Lynn Russell March 11, 2012 at 06:41 AM
That was.....should be a referee...
WeHoOne March 11, 2012 at 05:10 PM
Prang is a follower. Of course he is not a referee, he is not a leader either. Nor is he even a player. I think he looks to Heilman & Land for "guidance", he thinks it keeps him safe from their wrath. Prang is about as exciting as oatmeal for breakfast. We need real new candidates & we need them to declare their candidacy now. Duran wisely has already mailed out solicitations for campaign contributions. It is time the challengers to the current candidates up for reelection stepped forward and get the ball rolling. The early bird gets the worm. I hope only serious candidates will run this time so the votes won't be so widely divided as they were last time. We showed last election that when we want change, we make it! Let's do it again, only bigger & faster.
me March 11, 2012 at 06:02 PM
for me, it's not a big deal to pick these things up and recycle them, but it's certainly not "green" friendly to go this route.....i'm sure it pays off for them though.....yes golds gym, i KNOW i need to workout, but i'm too busy eating from all of the food delivery places :-) the dumbest one, is the advertising rolled up in the plastic bag that is thrown from a moving car every saturday morning.....they throw ONE for an entire apartment building.....soooo stupid


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