Hudson Block Party is Sunday

The Hudson restaurant holds its second annual block party from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. on Sunday, The party will happen on the tiny street and adjacent park directly in front of the restaurant plus in the adjacent Bank of America parking lot.

After a wildly successful launch last year, the Hudson Block Party is back and bigger than before.

Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., the , located at 1114 Crescent Heights Boulevard (at Santa Monica Boulevard) will host a huge outdoor party on the road in front of the restaurant and in the Matthew Shepard Triangle directly across the street. The area will be closed to traffic.

“Last year was so successful, we actually had to turn people away,” owner Beau Laughlin told Patch. “So we’re bringing it back. It’s a great party for our friends, the patrons and the community.”

The party will also expand this year to include the nearby Bank of America parking lot where approximately 30 local vendors and community organizations will have booths. A stage will be set up there with a dozen bands scheduled to perform including White Rabbits, LP and Haim. 

“We’ve got three times the space this year,” said Laughlin who explained that the Hudson already uses the Bank of America lot at night for valet parking, so it was fairly simple to get the lot for the block party.

Last year’s party was held in August, but they decided to movie this year’s to May. That change was for cooler weather and also to help promote the Hudson’s new brunch menu which starts on Monday.

“We’ve been doing a weekend brunch since we opened [in October 2009], but now we’re going to do it during the week too,” said Laughlin.

The Hudson and its sister restaurant The Churchill will be offering samples of their menus throughout the party.

Admission to the block party is $10 prior to 2 p.m.; $15 after 2 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the .

me May 18, 2012 at 06:24 PM
We live around the corner from this place and we absolutely cannot fathom why West Hollywood City Hall would approve this nightmare!! We do event production for a living and even WE think it's ridiculous that they would even try to squeeze 8,000 people into one very small block of space AND with extended hours this year!!! The music festivals they cite in the LA Times article below are held in spacious event venues/streets, not a 100' long street!!! You may get away with it this year Hudson, but we will most certainly fight you doing it again; take your party to the Palladium!!! How dare you, and the City of West Hollywood, be so inconsiderate and disrespectful of your neighbors!!! The Hudson nor the City could even be bothered to bring the neighborhood into the loop on this...SHAMEFUL!!What adjacent parking lot did you secure (as the article states) that holds 4,000 cars??? The same BofA lot you use every night??? It was a gridlock of cars last year in every direction with attendees and looky-loos driving by, so it is sure to be worse this year AND the city didn't have any traffic/parking enforcement last year. Who is running this city???......NEVER AGAIN!!! LA TIMES ARTICLE: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-hudson-party-20120518,0,4481849.story
George Reese May 19, 2012 at 06:46 PM
West Hollywood use to host a yearly street fair along Santa Monica Blvd between Fairfax and Crescent Heights (maybe all the way to La Cienega - can't remember) in the mid-late 80s that was a lot of fun but it was a huge event put on by the city, not just one restaurant. And it was for Saturday AND Sunday! The city should consider doing something like that again and include ALL interested participants instead of one restaurant. Don't get me wrong, this sounds fun but like the writer above says it promises to be a nightmare for those who live around there, not to menton the parking issues and the traffic mess. All for one restaurant?
me May 20, 2012 at 04:27 PM
I remember that street festival too and it was a lot of fun!! I'm not sure if the impact on the neighborhood was too much or why it stopped, but all of the businesses benefited as you said....here's a business that wants to promote itself and is using a charity to make it sound like they re doing good so (A) i'd be very interested in knowing how much SOVA actually gets at the end of the day and (B) the hudson can use this "charity" involvement to get discounts on goods and services.....it's 9:30am, they are setting up and they have already blocked off one lane of Santa Monica Blvd to load-in.....it looks like they didn't get a lane closure permit to do this since the city didn't put up any signs....also, their live music stage is positioned in the back of the Bank of American parking lot DIRECTLY behind several apartment buildings!!!!....did the hudson pay-off all of those tenants to put up with that???....and still no sight of any city parking, traffic or sheriffs dept staff yet....i emailed city staffers and council about this on friday, when i read about it in the LA Times and didn't receive even ONE response.....i know city hall is partially closed friday, but not a one of them checks email????.....i find that hard to believe.....INSANITY!!!


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