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Hayworth House Has Grand Opening on Saturday

The newly-renovated Hayworth House apartment complex offering affordable housing to seniors will have a grand opening celebration on Saturday morning.

The following is a press release from the City of West Hollywood.

The City of West Hollywood in partnership with the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (WHCHC) will celebrate the Grand Opening of the newly-renovated Hayworth House apartment complex at 1234 N. Hayworth Avenue in West Hollywood from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 11. Members of the West Hollywood City Council, the project’s architects from Killefer/Flammang, and the WHCHC Board of Directors will be in attendance to celebrate the opening of this unique affordable housing project. Everyone is invited to attend the Grand Opening.

The sprawling Hayworth House apartment complex was built in the 1950s. It was purchased in 2003 by a market-rate developer and slated for demolition. After years of neglect, the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (WHCHC) with the assistance of the City of West Hollywood purchased the property in May of 2009, so it could be preserved and turned into an affordable housing complex for low-income Seniors. Union Bank provided construction and permanent financing and equity for the project. Additional financing for the project was provided by the County of Los Angeles.

The Hayworth House is a certified Green Communities renovation which features 48 units of affordable housing for Seniors age 55 and older. Building on its experience with the Sierra Bonita Apartments, the pilot project for its Green Building Ordinance, WHCHC’s goals for the Hayworth House were to improve the relationship of the building to the street and to its neighborhood; to create community spaces for the residents; to improve accessibility for the Seniors and their guests and to introduce as many sustainable features as possible to reduce the project’s carbon footprint. Ground was broken to begin the Hayworth renovation on November 6, 2010. Chosen by lottery, the first residents began moving into the building this spring.

The project contains a new manager's office and resident services office, along with a community room which overlooks the street. New elevators improve access for those with limited mobility; green features include upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows, improved ventilation, new plumbing and energy-efficient appliances. The exterior of the building has new landscaping with seating areas for residents to enjoy the building and the neighborhood, with an accessible community garden area adjacent to the laundry and computer rooms. Each unit is unique, and much of the character has been retained, including original wooden floors.

The Grand Opening is sponsored by Union Bank. Parking for the Hayworth House Grand Opening is available at the City Municipal Lot located at 1114 N. Orange Grove Avenue. There will be a free shuttle to the Hayworth House apartments from the City Municipal Lot.

For more information, please call Barbara Hamaker, Development & Communications Manager for the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, at (323) 650-8771.

joninla August 08, 2012 at 05:15 AM
Impressive list of of amenities: 1, Certified Green 2. 48 Designated Senior Housing Units 3. Increased Access for Disabled/Elderly 4. Sustainable Vegetation 5. Outdoor Green Space with Benches 6. Community Meeting Room Amazing - great extra features that also just happen to be the exact same list of Incentives that allow Property Developers to build NEW projects that are granted taller zoning permits, more Square Footage, more units. So Weho and the WEHO Housing Authority paid for this building with Union Bank providing the necessary loan for the City to Repay Over time. That's a lot of WEHO City Money (tax dollars, parking ticket revenue, hotel/bar taxes) being spent. ARE ALL 48 units that were awarded going to EXISTING WeHo tax paying, ticket paying, suffering with the negatives that bars/nightlife brings and long term RESIDENTS promised housing protection?? Or has the city spent so much to provide housing for people in need but with no connection/history with the City - Meanwhile the existing senior housing stock declines in quality and number and slowly, one by one, the most vulnerable get evicted and the city has no money to assist those people? But on the good side, think about all the new construction projects that will now be taller, denser and oppressive being able to exceed existing zoning restrictions made to prevent over development from the list of incentives this City Funded project will allow private developers.
joninla August 08, 2012 at 05:28 AM
THE LOTTERY FOR APARTMENTS. It sounds like it has already taken place. All and I mean ALL other lotteries/contests/contests ... Let me repeat ALL have very strict legal requirement to ensure not just fairness in the process of choosing a winner, but in making it so very open at every step in the process of creating a lottery, distributing 'entry tickets', and the actual drawing so that nobody feels there may even be a possibility that there was anything at all that made the selection not completely random, even favored for every entry and no tricks or gimmicks to divert the natural Random Outcome. The housing lotteries have remained a big mystery to most people who (myself included) wonder just where is this list of people, who is on it, how did they get on it, do they meet the requirements to be on the list, and was it investigated or just assumed true from whatever the applicant says. FINALLY - the mantra for Building New Affordable Housing Units in general and the same for years that IT IS NOT COST EFFECTIVE TO REHABILITATE AN OLDER BUILDING VS. BUILDING BRAND NEW AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNITS. This, from what I can tell more than very nice, grand opening is for the REHABILITATION OF AN OLD POORLY MAINTAINED DETERIORATED APARTMENT BUILDING. What gives? Why now do we ever build new units, when we know how to rehab and create more units for less money. Are we missing something or is the City Not Being Honest with so many of their 'reasons' for what they do.


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