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Equal = Equal

Hooray for the decision on Prop. 8 in California.

Very short. Very sweet.

The fight is not over, but equality has won another battle in California.

Proposition 8—the ugly, hateful proposition that excludes same-sex couples from marriage—with all its ups and downs, has been declared unconstitutional in California.  

The Prop H8ers say they will drag it to the SCOTUS, and I say let them drag it. Believers in equality will continue to fight just as hard to make sure that marriage is equally a right for every American.

We should all have the right to choose or not choose marriage.  

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Uber Thom February 08, 2012 at 08:23 AM
NO ON 8 = NO ON HATE. Can anyone imagine any other Civil Rights issue being placed on a BALLOT for the public to vote on ??? Seriously ?
joninla February 08, 2012 at 09:07 AM
Amazing how much happiness this makes me feel (alone - with not even the imagination I will ever marry) but it feels really good. The times are really changing. Did anyone catch Suze Orman on Piers Morgan last week. Idiot Piers (sorry just my opinion of his attempt to be a tv news reporter which I can't keep from spilling out) asked his stupid "one last generic question" but it really was something. He asked "with all your success (yadda, yadda, yadda ass kissing he does with every single question) what was the one single most experience above all else is the one so great you would give it all up to keep that memory" She blurted out with honesty .... My god there are so many I can't even possibly .... She really thought for a very long time, and said with such real emotion ... Meeting K.T. the woman who was the moment I met her and still is the single greatest love of my life. (some incredibly long 20 or more years) It was touching. and Proud and so 'real' Piers "did a piers' and followed with his same old - "and finally, the truth, how many time have you experienced true love with another person in your whole life. Suze just said it like only she can .... "ONE" "KT The one I just told you all about."
Chloe Ross February 09, 2012 at 01:44 AM
And Washington State just joined the sane states. Hey LGBT community. Think long and hard when you get married - divorce costs and those Holy Rollers -as soon as you who do marry have a change of heart and decide to divorce - they are gonna try and ban gay divorce. I remember when you had to have pictures to get a divorce in NY. Before that you had to go to Reno and before that you had to go to Mexico. (you could get married anywhere though). I am so happy about Prop 8 and Washington State and will keepon fighting for Equality. Equal=Equal!!!
joninla February 09, 2012 at 09:46 AM
The over-the top talking head HATERS! are so intense in their furor, it actually shook some sense into what was becoming an emotionally driven view of the good news. This time the verbiage from the media 'opponents of the ruling' (what a way to call the Haters!) is so radical, I got perspective. Whomever you see 'representing' the 'other side' are Professionals. They are people with a full time career and make quite a nice living. Their very serious career is .... Being a public speaker 'for a cause'. Each Hater you see and hear on the news, stop and think ... This guy is making a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, has a mortgage and is living beyond average for doing what we currently see on TV, but he also does the same in private speeches given year round. There is no point in arguing with the guy. He is just doing his job, & he has been doing it (making the hateful speech) for so long, he doesn't even need to think when speaking. The 'over the top actual emotions' showing through this time are actually real. They are fear based in reality. His, not anybody else. If the Supreme Court hears this case and finally declares Gay Marriage a right, this guy we hear screaming on the TV's ...... Entire Career will end. He will go from a posh suburban salary and life - to an unemployed person with no skill or experience in any other issue or topic. A 'monthly mortgage' is the fear behind the current haters emotions. LOL


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