UPDATED: Drew Barrymore Rumored to Have Purchased Revolver Bar

Some websites say the actress bought the popular Boystown video bar, but other sites refute the claim.

Update: On Tuesday afternoon, Revolver updated its Facebook page to include the following message: "Just so everyone is on the same page, Drew Berrymore did not buy Revolver."

That seems to be the final word on the subject even if they did misspell the actress' last name.


Has actress Drew Barrymore purchased Revolver video bar?  

Many websites including the Belfast Telegraph, the Oh, No They Didn’t website, Britain’s Pink News, the Examiner.com and Entertainmentwise.com are reporting that the E.T. actress has purchased the popular club at 8851 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Larrabee Street).

Those websites say the report originated in the National Enquirer; however Patch was unable to find such a story on the Enquirer website.

The Gossipcop.com website reports the story is untrue.

Similarly, there is no mention of the purchase on the Revolver Facebook page.

The original Revolver was a popular Boystown destination during the 1980s and 1990s known for playing music videos on screens throughout the bar. Revolver closed in 2004.

A new owner opened the upscale East West Lounge in that location in 2005.

In October 2011, new owners Chris Miller and Alfredo Diaz reopened the club as Revolver, a more upscale version of the original. Miller and Diaz each told Frontiers magazine that they had fond memories of the original club and wanted to recreate it.

Miller is said to be a business partner of Barrymore’s.

Some of the websites reporting the purchase also say that Barrymore is looking to buy , directly across the street from Revolver.

Rumors of Revolver trying to purchase Eleven have circulated through town for several months.

joninla September 11, 2012 at 09:47 PM
I can't confirm the blue parrot name, but I kinda recall that it was. You did bring up another not commly know historical facts about gay life before it was accepted by society. The fairly well known among the gay community in the olden days was that if you were in a new city and wanted to find a gay bar to go to, you would find a bar that had a name that was a combination of: A COLOR + AN ANIMAL = GAY FRIENDLY BAR. So BLUE PARROT definity could have been the original name of what is now Revolver. (and I think you are correct) But as funny/silly/stupid it may sound to us today, in the first half and then some, that was the only way to find a gay friendly bar (not a 'gay bar' because they were illegal and nobody (owner or patron) would ever risk the danger of referring to a bar as a 'Gay Bar' and not only have it shut down, but get arrested and the bar owners would face more than just lewd conduct or such. It would be some kind of felonly sexually deviant charge for owning/running a gay bar. it is good to know or remind ourselves how far we have come in such a relatively short period of time.
@Michael Lee September 11, 2012 at 10:46 PM
It was definitely the Blue Parrot. When the Mother Lode opened up in the early 80s, it took away a lot of the business and closed for a while, then reopened as the Revolver, the first Weho "video" bar. New York Company was the first LA "video" bar, but that was way over past Silverlake.
me September 11, 2012 at 11:54 PM
pics of the blue parrot and other bars at this site: http://www.discomusic.com/clubs-more/13060_0_6_0_C/ "Mother Lode" was "Rascals" before that...haha
me September 12, 2012 at 12:00 AM
From Mike, Studio CityJune 28, 2012 10:54 AM In Jan or Feb of 1977 a new bar in West Hollywood opened, it was called 'RASCALS'. It was managed by my friend and roomate Larry. This bar was Larry's brilliant idea. He worked hard to convince the owner of the existing cafe, Russel Freidman, he was straight, to convert the place into a gay bar. The promise was that if he did he would be rich in a very short time, and he was. I started working at Rascals right away and worked there for nearly three years. The point of this comment is this. Rascals was the first gay bar in West Hollywood to have huge windows looking out onto the street. We were also the first to have an obvious entrance facing the street. Most the bars at the time had entrances at the back or very unassuming doors at the front that were always kept shut. We were open to the street and proud of it. The bar was a huge success and started the move for bars to come out of the dark. We can thank Stonewall for the strength to do that. http://nopoboho.blogspot.com/2012/06/on-this-day-in-gay-history-june-28th.html
Michael Mellgard September 14, 2012 at 09:36 PM
I remember Rascals! Kind of a "fern" bar with the plants hanging all over the place and the back bar being oriented facing the front door. Would go there prior to Studio One. Blue Parrot was cool but the place got better when it became Revolver because AC was installed. The videos helped too. People made snarkiy comments about West Hollywood being a "S-M" bar, i.e. Standing and Modelling but at least the Sherrif's Dept didn't harass us like the LAPD did. The "Full Moon" party at Rascals was hot. Sometimes there were searchlights out front. And, the drinks were always much more reasonable than the other bars at that end of town...still are, come to think of it. Also, before Rascals closed and became Mother Lode, it did a remodelling and it looked like a store of some kind. No place to lean against and put down your drink..I could go on and on..Next up: 8709 :-)


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