Detroit's Coney Dog Arrives on the Sunset Strip [Video]

The new eatery across from the Whisky is bringing Detroit-style hot dogs, burgers, fries and craft beer to Weho.

A line began to form outside Coney Dog at noon on Monday. It was the first official day of business for the Sunset Strip's new Detroit-themed restaurant. The place smelled of steamed buns, chili and chopped white onions. 

"These are hot dogs straight from Detroit. The chili is also from Detroit," Nick Vlassopoulos said from behind the counter, pointing to a natural casing hot dog made from beef, topped with an all-meat beanless chili and diced onions. "After two or three of these, you'll still feel great—maybe one burp."

Coney Dog's bigwig investors include actor and co-owner Mike Binder, director Sam Raimi and comedian Tim Allen—all hailing from Detroit, reports Grub Street LA.

Brett Jeffryes, who works nearby, left Coney Dog feeling satisfied. "It was very good," he said. "The hot dogs taste a lot better, kind of organic." He also noted the bill was steep. "Twenty-seven bucks for two hot dogs and soda, plus tip. That's a lot for lunch," he said.

The most popular item on the menu—the Coney Combo at $5.50, includes one Coney dog smothered with ground beef, chili, mustard and onions. A dog minus the beef costs $4, and a vegetarian version, the California Jack, is $6.

Check out Coney Dog's menu online. About 100 seats are open for dining inside. A to-go option should be available in about a week.

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Mark Gould August 10, 2011 at 09:04 PM
this place sucks


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