AT&T Spends $450M to Improve Cell Coverage

West Hollywood residents will benefit from network improvements, the company says.

AT&T customers in West Hollywood will benefit from network improvements the company has made over the past few months to six cell sites throughout the city, according to a company representative.

The company has spent about $450 million to improve coverage in Los Angeles, including 1,700 network improvements in the past few months, according to Meredith Red, an AT&T representative.

"This is a densely populated area where AT&T invests heavily," Red said.

As a result of the network improvements, there has been a 41 percent decline in dropped calls, according to an AT&T news release.

“We are committed to deliver the best customer experience possible, by expanding network capacity and improving service quality,” said Andy Shibley, AT&T vice president and general manager in Los Angeles, in a statement. “These improvements translate into tangible customer benefits.”

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joninla December 08, 2011 at 09:49 PM
Hey AT&T -- I've had your service like forever, including DSL with the free wifi hotspot access. Time Warner's new Free for their customers only WifI pops up with a strong signal almost everywhere I go in West Hollywood, UNLIKE AT&T which I can only get within feet of Starbucks only (and is very slow when there are a lot of customers). How about beating Time Warners WiFi. Look around .... their Wifi is everywhere.
Poppy Lakshmi Grant December 08, 2011 at 10:22 PM
have been a customer of ATT since 1998 and pretty good service till about 5 years ago. After that we had no cell service. ATT refused to give us a free power cell and wanted to charge $150 to improve service that we were already paying for but not getting! That is such bad business. If this does not improve the service, come 2012 myself and some of my neighbors will most definately leave AT&T. Popcorn
Todd Bianco December 09, 2011 at 02:42 PM
I've lived in an AT&T Dead Zone for 2 decades. My land line is just fine (even if it is a complete rip off); but making and receiving mobile calls is very difficult. I've complained many times and whenever I do, after some pushing, they say that they are "aware" of the problem in our area and blame it on overcapacity. But you can't even get signal in some businesses on Santa Monica Blvd. Has anyone seen the latest Consumer Reports ratings of cellular service in the US? AT&T comes in LAST in every major market. LA, Atlanta & Denver tied for the lowest AT&T customer ratings. Perhaps AT&T should invest some of its piles of cash in a better network rather than trying to takeover T-Mobile which will result in job losses and less competition in a market with only 4 major players already. Does anyone still have AT&T DSL? It's unreliable and painfully slow. Not that I'm in love with Time Warner, but they do offer a faster, more reliable service. Also, AT&T has its U-Verse service in some areas of WeHo. Fiber optic lines will be terrific; however, I had a neighbor install it and AT&T uses its copper lines to connect to the fiber optic network. This is bad and slows everything down (again). More bad decisions from AT&T.


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